December begins

What I forgot at home today: never left home
Today’s meds: Ritalin, 54 mg extended release, 10am
Sleep: 12:30am – 8:30am (8 hours)
Exercise: none
Coffee: 2 cups
Work plans: 6 hours CivPro, 4 hours Contracts
work actually done: 2.5 hours CivPro, 1 hour Contracts
Other obligations: none
Wasted time: read the news of mass shootings online for 2 hours,
read some productivity blog posts for an hour,
took 6 hours to get breakfast and get started in the morning,
argued with spouse
Songs stuck in my head: “Pawn Shop” by Sublime

I spoke to my therapist this week. He is supportive of the idea that every hour I waste this year is going to be time that I will regret for the rest of my life. It’s been helpful so far in maintaining discipline. In addition to fighting my own internal struggles, I need to get my spouse on board with this idea as well. It should be helpful to start earlier in the mornings in order to free up some time later, but I am worried I will resent additional mental effort being spent away from exams. Talis vita est.